It appears to hug the body and displays all your curves

Lately, I’ve spent a lot of time walking briskly around the hospital, two to three pagers clipped to my sagging scrub pants and a Code Blue checklist tucked into my back pocket for easy reference. I’m working as “Senior On” one of the more defining roles of the senior medical resident at Mass General. During […]

Justin Fairfax (D) shows The Post’s Jonathan Capehart the

In Lie group theory, this manifests as actually gluing the manifold together at the appropriate points! For example, if your Lie group is homeomorphic to a circle, and you identify two points on opposite ends of the circle sex toys, you “glue” them together and end up with a figure 8! Or, consider a group […]

“It’s always hard to make the decision and lose a pet

If I would call any place my hometown cheap jordans, it would be Edison. For the show. I remember when we met for the first time, doing the ‘Oh, where are you from?’ And he said ‘I’m from Jersey.’ And I said ‘Oh what part?I’m from Jersey, too.’ It was such a coincidence. cheap jordans […]